An Original Volkswagen Beetle's Wheel Hubs Are Turned into Fashionable Mini-Scooters

An Original Volkswagen Beetle's Wheel Hubs Are Turned into Fashionable Mini-Scooters

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Repurposing cars is something we do quite regularly. However, using old parts of a car and turning them into mini scooters isn't something we see every day.

Brent Walker, a self-proclaimed 'maker and builder of a variety of things,' recently shared his newest creation via his Instagram account. Walker repurposed an old-school Volkswagen Beetle into two little scooters, which he called the 'Volkspod.'

The Volkspod scooters stick with the original beetle's style and color and are incredibly cool.


The original Volkspod

How did the 'Volkspod' get its name?

Walker used an original Volkswagen Beetle Type 1s or the 'Bug,' and the fenders from each corner of the car to build the scooters.

These fenders are rounded and pod-shaped, hence the name 'Volkspod.'

The Bug has been an iconic VW car since the late 60s --thanks to the Disney classic, Herbie the Love Bug-- winning over people's hearts with its bulbous shape. It looks like Walter's Volkspod scooters may also win as many hearts now.

The scooters merge the four vintage fenders to form the head and tail-light system as one piece.

He then used a 79cc engine, which promises to be as dynamic as the original Type 1 Bug. The wide handlebars fit right into the retro style, as do the bulbous head and tail-lights.

Walter has currently built two of these Volkspods, one in pastel blue and the other in pistachio green.

Starting the project about a year ago from his very own garage, Walter has shared every step of his creations on Instagram.

The beautiful images alone will make you want to hop right onto one of these delightfully sweet scooters. Join Walter on his journey by looking at some more of his images below:

There's no news as to whether or not these will be for sale, or if Walter will create any others, but they're a sight for sore eyes if anything else.

Check out more photos on Instagram.

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