6 Practical Tools You Didn't Know Existed That Will Solve Everyday Problems

6 Practical Tools You Didn't Know Existed That Will Solve Everyday Problems

Sometimes during the day, do you stop and think for a second like "Oh man, it'd be so much easier if I had this or that." Be honest now, it happens all the time when you're an adult.

And what would you think if we said there are people in the world that work for your happiness and create things that can ease your life a lot.


It can be something that can help you to hold your phone, or maybe something that can make it a lot easier when you're helping your kid for her/his homework.

If you're one of these people with the constant thought of "Oh man," then you're lucky because we got your back. Here are 7 tools and gadgets which can solve your everyday problems.

1. The Third Thumb Project: Dani Clode Design

The third thumb is a 3D printed thumb extension that you can use for your hand and you can control it with your feet. And can you think of all the possibilities you would have and all the things you can do if you had another finger? It'd be crazy, right?

With this third thumb, you can do many things easily. You can hold your phone or your tablet more comfortable than before and it can help you to use the screen more easily. You can also play card games with it, squeeze lemon or play the guitar. Quite a deal, huh?

2. Versatile Gripping Tool: Loggerhead Tools

This gripping tool is adjustable to different types of pipes and tubing. Also, this tool increases your hand's gripping power on the nuts, bolts, pipe or tubing. It's completely versatile, so you can use it for anything you want. I mean, of course, you can't use it while doing your laundry or playing with your kid, but for some other things, it can be pretty useful.

3. Magnetic Tool Holder: Mag-Pad

You can stick this magnetic tool holder anywhere you want. If you're a craftsman, repairman or just someone who likes to fix everything on their own, you must have a lot of repair tools. But it can be hard to carry them everywhere, or control and keep them at the same place all the time. This magnetic tool holder will help you a lot with this.

Carry it anywhere you want, it can hold strong to a vast variety of surfaces. You'll get surprised by the convenience it'll provide for you.

4. Handheld Printing Brush: Printbrush XDR

You can operate this painting brush from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can choose or create the pattern you want or write whatever you want, and then with the printbrush, you can print those anywhere you want.

You can use it to design decorations in your house or add something different to your t-shirts, to give yourself a temporary tattoo, to anything else. Put your team's logo, your favorite line from a poem, or your children favorite's cartoon character, it doesn't matter, this printbrush can print anything.

5. Steak Thermometer: SteakChamp

How do you like your meat? Medium-rare, medium or medium-well. Just activate the SteakChamp, and insert it into the steak. Also, it can be used on grills even at high temperatures, up to 900°F/500°C, and it determines the ideal resting phase electronically after cooking.

There are 3 different colors that indicate how well your meat is cooked. Greenlight means medium-rare, yellow light means medium and red light means medium-well. Now you don't have to worry about the doneness of your meat, steakchamp is going to be your biggest helper in the kitchen.

6. Contractor Sprayers: Titan

Painting your walls has never been easier. Now you don't have to step up on a chair and then get down the floor to dip the brush into the paint and repeat until you end painting the wall. With this sprayer, you'll be able to paint every wall you want easily. Also, since it has a long handle, you'll probably won't get smudged in the paint.

It'll be a hell of an experience to paint with this sprayer, and it'll be much better than your previous painting adventures. And you can change the colors of your walls anytime you want!

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