Russian Firm Sells Autonomous Robot Clones of Real People

Russian Firm Sells Autonomous Robot Clones of Real People

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Russian startup Promobot is now selling autonomous robot clones of any real person. This is the key selling point of their robot called Robo-C as their website states: "Order a robot with the appearance of any person to your office or home."


An anthropomorphic machine

According to a press statement released by the firm, android Robo-C is "a completely anthropomorphic machine. It copies human facial expressions: can move its eyes, eyebrows, lips and other “muscles”, and also keep the conversation going and answer questions."

Robo-C has over 600 facial expressions and life-like artificial skin. The company considers itself a manufacturer of service robots and believes that its androids may soon replace human workers.

However, it is also extending its services to personal use such as in cases of a personal assistant. "Everyone will now be able to order a robot with any appearance — for professional or personal use," said Aleksei Iuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promobot.

"We can build a linguistic model based on popular phrases of a particular person – the robot will communicate and answer questions by analyzing frequent expressions of the “original” and using a certain context of knowledge of this person," he added.

Four orders

The robot can not walk yet, but its neck and torso can move just like a real person's. Promobot told CNBC it already has four orders for Robo-Cs.

One bot will be working in a government agency while a second bot will be a clone of Albert Einstein for a robot exhibition. The last two have the strangest purpose.

They were bought by a Middle Eastern family to be clones of the mother and father. They will spend their time greeting guests that come to visit.

What do you think of the humanoid Robo-C? Would you like a clone robot of yourself?

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