Google Camera App May Soon Recognize the Faces of People You Regularly Snap

Google Camera App May Soon Recognize the Faces of People You Regularly Snap

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In under a week, Google will host its Made by Google event, during which the company will unveil its Pixel 4 and other Pixel branded products.

Naturally, when such exciting technological events occur, leaks pop out of the woodwork. And there's been no shortage of those over the past month.

One of those leaks claims that Google has been developing a new Google Camera feature for its Pixel 4 hardware, called 'Frequent Faces.'


Photos of familiar faces

While looking around the new 7.1 version of the Google Camera app, modder cstark27 discovered this new feature. Apparently, as you're taking a picture of people, Frequent Faces will automatically focus on familiar faces in the lens, recognizing them immediately.

Then, the camera app will save data of the faces you regularly snap, so that the app will be able to recognize them in the future.

Depending on who you ask, Frequent Faces could be considered a useful tool, or a worryingly stalker-esque one.

In addition, this could ring a few privacy and security alarm bells. That said, data of the faces is saved locally on the owner's device, and is only accessible via the Google Camera app. And, if you decide to disable the feature, all data of the faces will be automatically deleted.

It sounds more and more appealing. However, we'll have to wait until the Made by Google event to know whether or not this new camera feature will launch alongside Google's new products.

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) October 8, 2019

Made by Google will be live-streamed via Twitter on October 15th at 10 AM ET. The company has been teasing its Twitter followers with little insights into their new products, whetting Google and technology fans' appetites the world around.

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