Fremont Police Comes to Tesla’s Defense After Misleading Story Goes Viral

Fremont Police Comes to Tesla’s Defense After Misleading Story Goes Viral

Yesterday, we reported the story of a Tesla car for the Fremont, California police department that ran out of power during a car chase.

It turned out that the car had not been properly charged and it was no fault of Tesla's. But the story went viral nonetheless with many blaming Tesla for the incident.

Now, the Fremont police has come to Tesla's defense in a new statement.


"In recent years, police radio traffic has become readily accessible through phone applications and its common practice for news media and even community members to monitor and even record. On Monday, a local journalist contacted our Department requesting additional details regarding the pursuit. The journalist subsequently wrote an article and released a portion of our radio traffic. Since that time, the Department has received numerous media inquiries regarding the vehicle’s battery. Unfortunately, public interest in the original story propelled it into the national spotlight," read the statement.

Called off for safety reasons

The letter goes on to explain that the car chase was actually called off for safety reasons.

"The pursuit spanned approximately 10 miles and at times exceeded 110 mph. Regular updates regarding the speed, location, general traffic, and roadway conditions were provided by the second officer in the pursuit. Just before the pursuit ended at 11:13 p.m., the officer driving the Tesla responsibly notified his cover units he was going to have to back out of the pursuit because his battery was running low. Just after they passed the Montague Expressway exit, the suspect drove on the left shoulder of the road to pass a vehicle. At that time, the Fremont Police Sergeant monitoring the pursuit gave orders to terminate to ensure public safety. All three units deactivated their emergency equipment and returned to normal driving conditions. At that point, the Tesla was driven to a nearby charging station and the additional Fremont units returned to the City. CHP located the unoccupied vehicle in the area of I680 and the Berryessa exit. At no time did the battery of the Tesla become a factor in our ability to pursue the suspect or perform our duties. This situation, while embarrassing, is no different from cases where a patrol car runs low (or even dry) of fuel," read the statement.

The police continued to emphasize that they are dedicated to using electric vehicles for the sake of the environment and reiterated how well they function. They added that the vehicle is performing "extremely well" and has exceeded their expectations.

Now, the department is even looking into testing another electric vehicle. Well, take that haters!

Watch the video: Officer Involved Shooting - April 9, 2017 Fremont BlvdDecoto Rd (December 2021).