Tesla's Latest Software Update Lets You Summon Your Car, and Do Much More

Tesla's Latest Software Update Lets You Summon Your Car, and Do Much More

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Ever wanted to take out your road rage by playing a rage-inducing videogame? Now you can. Tesla's latest software update lets you play Cuphead in your Tesla car — and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

It's just one of many new updates the electric car company has unveiled with their version 10.0 software update. Tesla owners can now also summon their car from parking, do karaoke, and use Spotify from their vehicles.


Car summoning

Tesla has recently announced that its new software update is starting to roll out to Model S, Model X, and Model 3 cars.

Tesla owners that paid for the full self-driving option for their car are getting an early release of the update. The full release will come in "about a week," Musk recently tweeted.

One of the biggest features in the new update is the ability for Tesla owners to summon their car from its parking spot with "smart summon." No need to remember where you left it, it'll come to you.

We previously reported on Musk responding to a "feeling lucky" feature request on Twitter. Now that has also been integrated with the latest update.

This feature lets drivers allow their Tesla cars to navigate them to a surprise location, point of interest or a restaurant.

Movies and videogames

Another big feature is the "Tesla Theatre." Spotify Premium, Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu (including its live TV option) are all now available. Video is only allowed when the car is stationary, while Spotify can be used at any time.

"Tesla Arcade," meanwhile, lets owners play the full first level of the extremely difficult indie videogame gem, Cuphead. The game is rendered in a beautiful 30s animation style, inspired by Disney, and with a soundtrack of jazz, ragtime, and big band numbers befitting the era.

Other features include "Car-aoke," which lets you sing your heart out while driving, as well as security and convenience features which are all detailed in Tesla's blog update.

Watch the video: Smart Summon isnt smart in the UK.. I was shocked! Tesla Model 3 Update 2019 (May 2022).


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