17 Things You Are Going to Want in Your Zombie Survival Kit if You Are Actually Planning on Surviving

17 Things You Are Going to Want in Your Zombie Survival Kit if You Are Actually Planning on Surviving

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We have all been there at some point. You have done it, your friends have done it, and your family has done it. You might have even taken a few courses about the topic in class. That’s right, today we are going to talk about it, the zombie apocalypse.

During the early 2010s, you could not go a couple of days without people talking about the zombie apocalypse. Shows like the Walking Dead brought the world of zombies to the mainstream, causing what many would call zombie pandemonium.


One of the more interesting conversations or debates to come out of this time period centers around how one would go about surviving a zombie apocalypse. Now off the top of your head, this might seem like an easy question to answer, but it is not.

Resources are limited in this apocalyptic world, not to mention you need to find the right tools to kill zombies. Today we decided to have a little fun with this idea.

As the possibility of having a zombie apocalypse is not completely out of the question, we figured that it is probably better to be safe than sorry. Today we comprised a list of all the things that you might need in your zombie apocalypse kit.

1. Mounted garage storage organizer rack

Now, let’s assume that you have a bunker in this new zombie-infested world. You are going to want to keep that place organized. It might not sound very exciting, but properly keeping your place organized will place a vital role in your survival as knowing where all your most important tools are can help you create great weapons in a timely manner.

The 44-Piece Wall Mounted Garage Storage Organizer Rack can fit a wide range of tools and parts. Even more so it is extremely durable, hopefully just like the rest of your bunker.

2. Water-resistant torchlight

A tactical weapon like this should be in your arsenal. In this apocalyptic world, getting a hold of a light source will be no easy feat. Even more so, finding a long-lasting light source can mean the difference between life and death when out for supplies. Binwo’s Super Bright 2000 Lumen tactical light is a water-resistant light that is going to be godsent in the zombie apocalypse.

3. Swiss army climber pocket knife

Even at the moment, you should be carrying a Swiss Army Knife around as these handy multi-tools literally embody the “be prepared” mantra. Swiss Army Knives are easy to use and are mini mobile toolboxes that will allow you to tackle the task on the fly. A swiss army knife is a given during the zombie apocalypse.

4. Military tactical backpack

Though it is not ideal, there is a good chance that you will be moving a lot during the zombie apocalypse or at the very least going out for supplies, once you no longer have stuff in your bunker. This massive assault backpack can help you collect three days of supplies. The durable bag has a host of features that include heavy-duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls, Side and front load compression system.

5. Lifesaver 4000UF bottle

One of the first things you need to do in a survival situation is to find shelter and water. However, you are not guaranteed a clean water source when you actually find one. The Lifesaver Water Filtration Filter Bottle Purifier kit could literally save your life removing 99.9% of viruses, chemicals, bacteria, etc.

6. Compact binoculars

Your safety out in the world will also be dependent on your ability to stay vigilant and see what is happening around you day and night. These compact binoculars will help you see at tremendous distances both in the day at night. But before you do so, make sure you find the high ground first.

7. Parachute cord

Getting ahold of the right cords might seem like a small or easy feat, but it is not. Even more so finding a durable rope is tricky. A parachute cord like this can be used to string up a hammock, rig your sails, secure your tent or make an emergency tourniquet.

8. Credit card toolset card knife

Another great way to carry a knife. This credit card knife is easily portable and comes with the added bonus of a compass. Even more so, you can never have too many knives to use for tools and for protection in this new and most likely violent world.

9. Self-defense tool

Speaking of weapons, if you have ever played any post-apocalyptic video games, you know how difficult it is to get your hands on the right tools that can handle both people and the walking undead. This lightweight tool is durable, and also has a wide range of functions.

10. Cold Steel Brooklyn crusher

If you know the Walking Dead Comics or at the very least are familiar with the show, then you are well aware of Eagan and his beloved Lucille. You do not want to go around wasting bullets on every little zombie that you come across. A bat is one of the most effective weapons you can get your hands on.

11. Glass Window Break Seat belt Cutter

You are going to do a lot of scavenging while in this new world. A treasure trove of resources can be found in the cars left behind by those who did not make it. An Extractor is definitely something that you want to keep in your back pocket as you are scavenging.

12. Outdoor hidden weapons

You might not like to think about it. However, you are going to need to find different and effective ways to protect yourself from other people. These darts and throwing knives are great examples of this.

13. Waterproof First Aid Kit

Similar to the Swiss Army Knife, you should keep around a First Aid Kit to simply be prepared for the worse. Even more so, this First Aid Kit is Waterproof and can be easily transported. Hopefully, you will not have to treat any zombie bites in the near future.

14. Beacon

An ACR AquaLink will be important for those of you working with large groups. A beacon will help you keep track of your comrades who are in trouble. Beacons can play a vital role in the survival of a group.

15. Sleeping bag

You will not want to be lying around on the cold wet bare ground. Even more so, this can eventually end up exposing you to the elements causing you to get sick. A sleeping bag can also double as a temporary shelter.

16. Jet Flame torch lighter

Having the right tools to start a fire can make all the difference. Using this Jet Flame Torch Lighter you can start fires to keep yourself warm or even to prepare food. Though it runs on butane fuel, you will get 500-1000 uses out of the torch.

17. Bandage protector

Though it is not the most tactical thing to use, getting your injury wet or dirty can risk infection and can cause a host of complications. This bandage protector will help you keep all your temporary injuries protected.

What is in your zombie protection kit?

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