9 of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Architects

9 of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Architects

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For architecture enthusiasts and fans, these Instagram accounts are a must-see and must-follow. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next project, or love to immerse yourselves in great architectural design, you can find something here.


If you prefer other educational content rather than architecture, there are plenty of great Instagram accounts to check out.

Some of the best educational Instagram accounts

Instagram is an excellent resource for inspiration, but it can also be used as the first port of call for expanding your mind. According to sites like, here are some of the best Instagram accounts for educational purposes:

  • NASA

  • U.S. Department of the Interior

  • Astrophysics

  • The History Channel

  • Curiosity

  • TED

  • National Geographic

Nine great Instagram accounts to follow for architects

If you live and breathe architecture, here are nine accounts you must check out!

1. David Adjaye (@adjaye_visual_sketchbook) is worth checking out

David Adjaye OBE is an architect and founder of Adjaye Associates. His organization has completed architectural projects around the world.

Some of their most significant commissions to date are the design of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in Washington D.C. and the Moscow School of Management (SKOLKOVO).

His Instagram account is filled with interesting examples of architecture, both old and new, from around the globe.

2. Architecture Hunter (@architecture_hunter) is also great

Architecture Hunter is another excellent Instagram account to follow if you love all things architecture. This account has an extensive collection of some great and beautiful examples of architecture from around the world.

3. Archello (@archello) has some great material

Archello is a great Instagram account that allows other architects and designers to share their stories and insights on their projects. It is worth checking out if you are in need of some inspiration.

4. ArchDaily (@archdaily) is definitely worth a look

ArchDaily is one of the leading sites for architects and architecture-enthusiasts from around the world. ArchDaily is, for a good reason, often claimed to be "the world’s most visited architecture website."

Their Instagram account also does not disappoint. It focuses on featuring trendy architecture designs and projects from around the world.

5. Geometry Club (@geometryclub) is another great Instagram account

Geometry Club is another awesome Instagram account to check out if you love architecture. Their posts are bound to have something for anyone who loves buildings and building design.

6. IHaveAThingForWalls (@ihaveathingforwalls) does everything it says on the tin

I Have A Thing For Walls is another great architecture Instagram account that is primarily focussed on some of the most interesting walls from around the world. Their feed is filled with walls of different kinds featuring interesting textures, colors, windows, and designs.

7. John Pawson (@johnpawson) is another fascinating architecture-related account

John Pawson CBE is a British architect who is best known for his minimalistic designs. His Instagram account does not disappoint and is filled with inspirational photos from his travels.

8. Deborah Berke (@deborahberkepartners) is also worth checking out

Deborah Berke is another great Instagram account to follow if you love architecture. Deborah is an American Architect and academic who currently serves as an adjunct professor of architectural design at Yale University.

9. Bjarke Ingels (@bjarkeingels) is definitely one to watch

Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect and founder of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). His company is best known for its convention-defying designs and out of the box thinking.

His work is notable for its emphasis on sustainable design and solid sociological concepts. A concept he likes to call "Worldcraft."

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