Stay Powered-Up on the Go with This Eco-Friendly Charger on Sale for Labor Day

Stay Powered-Up on the Go with This Eco-Friendly Charger on Sale for Labor Day

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Few things are more annoying (and potentially dangerous) than running out of power when you’re on an adventure. Whether you’re trying to find your way back to camp or simply want to keep binge-watching Netflix in your tent, having a powered-up device is of the utmost importance.

This eco-friendly Universal Waterproof Solar Charger makes it easier than ever to stay powered up when you’re away from an outlet, and right now it’s available for just $9.34 when you enter the coupon code SAVE15POWER at checkout by September 1st.

Available in blue, black, green and yellow, this intrepid solar charger will help you keep your devices charged and ready to go at all times.

You’ll be able to take advantage of a massive, 5,000mAh battery capacity that can easily recharge a smartphone that’s fully drained, and it’s fully waterproof and shockproof—making it perfect for adventurers who need to brave the elements away from civilization.

All you need to do is leave it in the sun in order to recharge the battery, and it’s fully compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones.

Do your devices and the environment a favor by picking up a Universal Waterproof Solar Charger for just $9.94 (80% off its usual price) when you enter the coupon code SAVE15POWER at checkout.

Prices are subject to change.

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