Boost Your Productivity and Posture with This Adjustable Desktop Riser

Boost Your Productivity and Posture with This Adjustable Desktop Riser

More and more professionals are turning to standing desks in order to increase productivity. Standing at your desk helps promote blood flow and a healthy posture —not to mention that fact that it will help you stay in shape while you’re at work.

But even the most hardcore adherents to the standing desk culture can have a hard time abandoning their sitting desk altogether, which is why this WOM Height Adjustable Tabletop Standing Desk Converter allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds for just $115—over 15% off its usual price.

This adjustable desktop riser lets you quickly and easily switch between a traditional sitting desk and a standing desk in a matter of seconds.

You’ll be able to raise and lower your desk surface with ease, keep your current workspace in the home or office, and even operate heavy loads like dual monitors thanks to a single-handle height knob.

This handy converter will even help you organize your desk space, thanks to an integrated and removable keyboard tray that sits discretely below the work surface.

Embrace the standing desk revolution without abandoning your beloved chair with a WOM Height Adjustable Tabletop Standing Desk Converter. Usually priced at $139.99, you can land this productivity-booster for over 15% off at just $115 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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