Hyundai Unveils Solar Roof Charging Car That Replenishes up to 60% of Battery

Hyundai Unveils Solar Roof Charging Car That Replenishes up to 60% of Battery

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Hyundai has released a new version of its hybrid car, Sonata, with solar panels on the roof that allow for the battery to be recharged even while driving.

The Korean car manufacturer claims that between 30 and 60 percent of the car's battery can be charged by the solar panels.


Solar charging

In a statement by Hyundai, the Korean car makers say the panels can provide enough energy to "increase drivers’ travel distance by an extra 1,300 km annually."

While Hyundai states that the solar roof system "plays a supporting role" to its hybrid engine, they see it as a test for potential all-electric models of the future.

In the same statement, Hyundai says that the new Sonata is on sale in Korea and will soon be available in North America. However, no plans are currently in place to sell this model in other regions.

To put it simply, no — as the BBC reports, optional sun-powered charging systems are available for the Toyota Prius and the luxury Karma Revero.

Watch the video: Rollable solar panel for Electric Vehicles EV (July 2022).


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