Apple Announces That the Apple Card Will Launch in the U.S. in August

Apple Announces That the Apple Card Will Launch in the U.S. in August

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Apple Card, Apple's transparency and security-focused new credit card, is on course to be released next month.

During the company's fiscal third-quarter earnings call on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the Apple Wallet credit card will begin offering its card to users in the U.S.


Beta testing

As per CNET, Cook announced the upcoming rollout at the same time as saying Apple employees are currently beta testing the product:

"Thousands of Apple employees are using Apple Card every day in our beta test. And we plan to begin the rollout of Apple Card in August."

Apple Card was originally slated for a summer release when it was first announced back in March at Apple's software and services event. While it looks very much on course for its announced release window, an exact release date has not yet been announced.

A banking team up

Apple has touted its new card as being created "by Apple, not a bank." However, the company's new foray into the payments industry is happening thanks to a collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

The new card will be available as a digital card in the Apple Wallet app and a physical titanium card (image below) will also be available for places that don't accept mobile payments.

A fee-free card

Apple announced in March that Apple Card will have no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees, late fees or over-the-limit fees.

The Wallet app, meanwhile, will make it easy to keep track of payments, even allowing users to pinpoint where a transaction was made on a map.

The card won't have a typical account or CVV number printed on it. Instead, these numbers will be randomly generated for each transaction. The codes will be encrypted and Apple and Goldman Sachs won't be able to track your transactions, the company claims.

"Daily Cash" offers will let users get cash-back for using the titanium card, paying through Apple Pay, and for purchasing Apple products.

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