Become a Data Engineering Pro with These MATLAB Bundles

Become a Data Engineering Pro with These MATLAB Bundles

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If you’re at all interested in virtually any subcategory of engineering or large-scale data science, learning MATLAB is an absolute must.

As one of the field’s most popular and powerful tools, MATLAB is behind some of the greatest and most important technological innovations of our age, and these three bundles will teach you everything you need to know.

1. The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle

MSRP: $549.96 I Sale Price: $35 (93% off)

With five courses and over 180 lessons, this massive training bundle features over 180 hours of training that walk you through everything from the fundamentals of this complex program to its most advanced elements and tools. You’ll learn how to navigate the general interface, build powerful predictive models, design fully-functional cars, and more.

2. The Complete MATLAB Programming Master Class Bundle

MSRP: $573.41 I Sale Price: $29 (94% off)

With ten courses and 39 hours of training, this bundle will teach you how to use MATLAB alongside machine learning applications in order to do everything from craft algorithms to build apps. You’ll even learn how to graph your work in a variety of settings.

3. The Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle

MSRP: $200 I Sale Price: $27 (86% off)

This bundle is ideal for anyone who’s interested in joining the lucrative field of data analysis. Through easy-to-follow lessons, you’ll learn how to use MATLAB in order to gain detailed insights from complex sets of data, predict future outcomes, build intuitive visualizations of your findings, and much more.

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