CES Asia 2019: Wacom's Vision for Future of Digital Ink and XR Innovations Disclosed

CES Asia 2019: Wacom's Vision for Future of Digital Ink and XR Innovations Disclosed

Nobu Ide, Wacom's President and CEO since 2013, was a keynote speaker at the ongoing CES Asia 2019.

Ide went on stage to talk about the company's vision for the future of digital ink in our digital world, as well as their innovative solutions in Extended Reality (XR) in order to grow opportunities for the creative community.


Their aim is to bring as seamless experience through design collaboration and cloud design.

Collaborating with reknowned digital and stationary companies

Working hand in hand with Magic Leap, a spatial computer startup allowing interaction with the digital world surrounding us, the two companies will be able to modify and touch up their designs.

The two companies promise to come up with the best creative instrument for the daily lives of people. Stating that writing and drawing are two actions which are a part of our lives from the day we are born until the day we die, and thus stationary is key--the collaboration will create the best pens possible.

Their new experience will be digital stationary.

Another collaborating partner is Staedler, the well-known stationary company with whom Wacom have been working closely with over two years to create digital components inside a package.

Next up is BIC, who they are collaborating with to create a 2in1 digital pen, where the user will be able to experience both digital and analog in one pen.

Wacom is also working with the German pen gurus, Mont Blanc--but not on pens. Their solution product is called the Augmented Paper, which is made of real paper under which is a digital platform which direclty uploads the written information to the cloud.

Then there is Eink, an eye-friendly super low power technology that even under direct sunlight still shows the screen perfectly.

Haer, an education company developing end-to-end education experiences are working together with Wacom.

And last but not least, Iflytek, which transcribes meeting notes through AI. No more need for note taking, and accessible from multiple devices.

Writing and drawing re-invented

Wacom's vision is clear simply by its collaborations: to support the way in which we write and draw.

By integrating parts of each of these collaborations, they aim to make their pen deliver a very natural, intuitive experience.

It will capture people's writing behavior, it will represent the person using it, who they are and why they are writing the information, which will then be directly uploaded to the cloud.

Quite the creation!

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