Rivian Introduces a Pull-Out Kitchen for its R1T Electric Truck

Rivian Introduces a Pull-Out Kitchen for its R1T Electric Truck

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For those who love life on the go, carmaker Rivian introduced a useful new feature for their R1T electric pickup truck. Premiering at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ, the company showed off a mobile camp kitchen prototype incorporated inside the truck.


Cooking up a mobile kitchen

We’ve cooked up a mobile kitchen prototype that showcases just one of the many ways to utilize the extra storage space in the #R1T. It features 2 induction burners, a sink, 5 gallons of water storage and keeps all your cookware and utensils organized while you're out in the wild.

— Rivian (@Rivian) May 17, 2019

The kitchen is designed to slide out from the truck's gear tunnel that is placed between the bed and the cab. It features two burners, a sink, and storage for extra water.

It also has all the utensils you may need. Even better, it is powered by the R1T’s 180kWh battery pack.

Hiding inside the gear tunnel

This isn't the only thing hiding it the truck's gear tunnel. There is also another locked storage compartment and there is already storage space in the kitchen itself.

Rivian it seems is catering to everything campers could possibly need. Other revealed add-ons include racks, vehicle-mounted tents, and flashlights in the drivers' doors.

Even without the added kitchen, the R1T electric truck is an impressive vehicle. The firm claims it has a range of 400 miles.

Get off the grid in the world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicle. The R1T travels up to 400+ miles on a single charge, its batteries recharge on descent & it plugs into America's fastest growing charging network. See you soon, Flagstaff. Visit us at @OverlandExpo West, May 17-19

— Rivian (@Rivian) May 11, 2019

It offers the option of gaining some of that range back as the battery charges downhill. The company also claims that it plugs into "America's fastest-growing charging network."

Watch the video: Interior 2021 Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck USA - Rivian R1T tank turn - Production Rivian Truck (May 2022).


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