Hilarious Twitter Responses to "Fixing a Broken Sink with Ramen" Video

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Instant noodles have saved many students from starvation. But did you know they had another use outside the kitchen? According to this ridiculously entertaining viral video, the unassuming MSG-packed snack can help repair a sink.

Ok I’ve really seen it all now.

— Rhaenys (@riamichaelss) May 14, 2019

Yep - that’s right, all you‘ll need is a few packets of noodles, some basic tools, and your bathroom is as good as new. It seems the unusual DIY how-to tutorial was first posted to Instagram this week by the Brazil-based account Acquittance; however, it cannot be viewed without a follow back.


Since it is initial posting it's been quickly shared across the net, causing chaos wherever it goes. So if you can stop laughing long enough to learn; here is what you’ll need to do to get started.

In the video, a typical ceramic sink is seen with a large chunk missing from the front side (let’s not even ask how this happened). Several packets of dried instant noodles are shoved in the gap roughly filling the space.

Then comes my favorite part - the dried vegetables and seasoning sprinkled over the top. The liquid is then sprayed all over the noodles before the clever hacker is seen using sandpaper to smooth the noodles into the same shape as the sink.

After letting the noodles are dry the whole thing is spray painted to fit perfectly into its surroundings and voila! The sink looks brand new. The video has prompted some pretty hilarious responses here are some of the best from Twitter below.

why the seasoning!?)????!!&

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) May 15, 2019

It’s very versatile apparently

— Dina (@DinaSpyromilios) May 15, 2019

Some noodle fans think it might be time to break the habit.

Ima keep it a buck with y’all. I don’t think we should be eating this shit no more.

— D. (@deionnsanders) May 15, 2019

me after watching the ramen sink video, ready to fix everything in my house with ramen noodles

— RW (@r1chard___) May 15, 2019

Others might be more in love than ever?

me @ the 4 packs in my pantry

— a_moore_99.jpeg (@foreversailing0) May 15, 2019

The noodle fix is inspiring some pretty silly responses like this:

We have all seen the video where that guy fixes his sink with Ramen Noodles, but can Ramen fix a truck?


— Mike Ellison (@DualPipeDodge) May 16, 2019

While the noodle fix seems crazy. Experts say that as long as you made the area watertight with an appropriate epoxy coating it could actually work - though obviously not recommended.

Would you turn to ramen for your next DIY job? Tell us what you'd fix with the instant noodles.

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