Talented Artist Draws Beautiful Space Crafts Inspired by Daily Objects

Talented Artist Draws Beautiful Space Crafts Inspired by Daily Objects

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Eric Geusz is a Software Engineer & Artist that makes really cool space-themed illustrations based on mundane household items.


A body thermometer might not be most artists idea of a muse, but under the skillful eye of Geusz, the items sleek proportions are turned into a Star Wars-esque star cruiser.

Similarly, an ice cream scoop becomes a space station and a couple of ballpoint pens transforms into a galaxy exploring cruiser. Geusz’s style is a cross between pop art and retro-futurism.

The illustrations cross over between technical drawings and “I have always had a huge passion for drawing and designing things since my childhood days of glitter glue and Legos,” Geusz told My Modern Met.

The engineer by day and artist by night has a knack for seeing beyond the ordinary into a world full of childlike wonder.

Each object that metamorphs into a galactic wonder maintain just a hint of its inspiration. While Geusz shows off his work by placing the completed illustration next to the object that inspired it, an enjoyable task is trying to guess what inspired each piece of work.

Some of our favorites include the rocket-inspired by sriracha sauce, the space station that resembles a fidget spinner and the research spaceship inspired by a boring bottle of shower soap.

If you love these images, go and check the full gallery on Geusz's ArtStation site or on his Instagram.

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