RF Coax Cable Types, & Specifications: UR & RG

RF Coax Cable Types, & Specifications: UR & RG

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There are many different varieties of coax cable that can be bought. Different types obviously have different performance specifications.

The choice of a particular type of coax cable depends on a number of factors – each choice being dependent upon the particular requirements for where it is to be used.

RG and UR coax cable references

Over the years systems developed whereby standard number systems. This enabled coax made by different manufacturers to conform to the same standard.

Over the years two basic systems evolved for defining RF cables. One originated in the United Kingdom and its type numbers all start with UR. The other system is American with type numbers commencing with the letters RG.

  • UK UR system for coax cable types: The UR system as defined in the UK and is still widely used for coaxial cable. UR standard for Uniradio, and later the URM series stands for Uniradio Metric.
  • USA RG systems for coax cable types: The RG series was originally used to specify the types of coax cables for military use, and the specification took the form RG (RG from Radio Guide) plus two numbers. In some instances these numbers were followed by the letter U which indicated it was for multiple uses. These types of coax cable were all listed in the MIL-HDBK-216 which is now obsolete. Although full MIL specifications are now officially used for specifying most components for military use, the RG series of RF cables continued to be used because of its widespread acceptance. However it should be noted that the RG specifications are no longer maintained so there is no complete guarantee to the exact specification for the particular type of coax cable

Coax cable data summary

Data of some of the more commonly used types of coax or coaxial cable: most of these RF cables are easily available from RF coax cable stockists.:

Coax Cable Data
Coax TypeCharacteristic
@ 100 MHz
@ 1000 MHz
RG450.05.740.66Braid shield
RG5/U52.58.40.661.03.8Braid shield
RG6A/U758.40.661.03.7Braid shield
RG9/U51.010.70.660.662.4Braid shield
RG10A/U5012.10.660.662.6Braid shield
RG11A/U7510.30.660.762.6Braid shield
RG12A/U7512.10.660.762.6Braid shield
RG229510.70.660.751.5Braid shield
RG2312524.00.660.522.0Braid shield
RG2412525.50.660.522.0Braid shield
RG347516.00.660.461.8Braid shield
RG58C/U505.00.661.87.6Braid shield
RG59B/U756.10.661.24.6Braid shield
RG62A/U936.10.840.92.8Braid shield
RG6312510.30.62.1Braid shield
RG7912512.10.62.1Braid shield
RG108786.01.13.8Braid shield
RG1119512.10.752.6Braid shield
RG11418510.31.13.8Braid shield
RG1195011.80.51.8Braid shield
RG1205013.30.51.8Braid shield
RG122504.11.75.5Braid shield
RG213/U5010.30.660.622.6Braid shield, polythene dielectric
RG214/U5010.80.660.762.9Double screened braid, silver plated copper wire
RG223/U505.50.661.585.4Double screened braid shield
UR43 / URM435050.661.34.46Plain copper wire braid
UR57 / URM577510.30.660.632.3Similar to RG11A/U – plain copper wire braid.
UR67 / URM675010.30.660.662.52Similar to RG213/U – plain copper wire braid
UR74 / URM745022.10.660.331.4Plain copper wire braid
UR76 / URM765150.661.77.3Similar to RG58C/U, plain copper wire braid
UR90756.10.661.24.1Similar to RG59B/U
URM915011.00.66Double plain copper wire braid

Data for attenuation figures are typical figures and measured in dB / 10 metres.
Dimensions in mm.

This RF cable data has been presented as a guide and no liability can be taken for any errors or mistakes in the data. Naturally every care has been taken to ensure the data concerning these RF cables is correct.

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