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Ian Poole has written over 20 books. The table below shows the dates all the books with publisher and dates of publication. Not all these books are now in print.

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Successful Wire Antennas9781905086771Radio Society of Great Britain2012Jointly edited with Steve Telenius-Lowe
Antennas for VHF and Above9781905086450Radio Society of Great Britain2008
Amateur Radio Explained (2nd Edition)9781905086320Radio Society of Great Britain2007Totally revised and re-set version of original text published under new ISBN
HF Amateur Radio (second edition)1905086296Radio Society of Great Britain2007
Cellular Communications Explained0750664355Newnes2006
Practical Wire Antennas 21905086040Radio Society of Great Britain2005Ian Poole - Editor
Radio Propagation: Principles and Practice1872309976Radio Society of Great Britain2004
Newnes Guide to Radio and Communications Technology0750656123Newnes2003
VHF / UHF Antennas1872309763Radio Society of Great Britain2002
HF Amateur Radio1872309755Radio Society of Great Britain2001Digitally reprinted 2006
Guide to VHF / UHF Amateur Radio1872309585Radio Society of Great Britain2000
Amateur Radio Explained1872309704Radio Society of Great Britain2000
Amateur Radio - the first 100 years1872309500Radio Society of Great Britain1999Author of text accompanying pictures from the RSGB archives
Basic Radio: Principles and Technology0750626321Newnes1998Reprinted 1999, 2000
Your Guide to Propagation1872309496Radio Society of Great Britain1998
Short Wave Listeners Guide0750626313Newnes1997Reprinted 1998
Novice Radio Amateurs' Handbook0859343758Bernard Babani1996
Antennas for VHF and UHF0859342468Bernard Babani1994
An Introduction to Scanners and Scanning085934256XBernard Babani1992Revised and reprinted 1996. (Covers legal aspects of scanning).
Setting up an Amateur Radio Station085934245XBernard Babani1991
An Introduction to VHF/UHF for Radio Amateurs089342263Bernard Babani1990
Introduction to Amateur Radio0859342026Bernard Babani1989Reprinted 1992, revised and reprinted 1998
Practical Ideas for Radio Amateurs0852429177Argus Books1988
Computer Terminology Explained0859341232Bernard Babani1984

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