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Electronics Notes Ham Radio Store: LDG Electronics

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LDG Electronics is renowned for producing excellent HF antenna tuners or ATUs and similar amateur radio accessories. They produce a number of auto-tuning ATUs or antenna tuners that are able to match a very wide variety of antennas and can interface to the control circuitry of the major popular HF transceivers.

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LDG Electronics was one of the pioneers of the automatic Switched-L HF tuner. Using a microprocessor, the auto-switched antenna tuner did away with manually tuned capacitors and inductors which had been the hall-hall-mark of older antenna tuning units, ATUs. The new automatic antenna tuner found the optimum match within just a few seconds. The first LDG antenna tuner appeared as a construction article in QST magazine (January 1996), and was available as a kit. The article and kit were very popular, and founder Dwayne Kincaid (WD8OYG) started LDG to build on the success of the design.

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