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Printer ink / cartridges are a regular consumable for any printer. Different types last for a different amount of time, so it pays to be able to have a spare available for when the cartridge runs out.

If the printer ink cartridge has already run out, then ordering one via out computer store will give a good chance of it being delivered very quickly so you can continue to print what is needed.

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Printer ink is required for inkjet forms of printer. These have become very popular in recent years, providing really good performance, but at a really competitive price.

These inkjet printers, as the name suggests use ink that is "squirted" onto the paper in a very controlled manner to provide the required shoes on the paper.

The printer ink comes on the form of ink cartridges that are slotted into the required place on the printer. These ink cartridges are clean and convenient to handle.

As most printers these days are colour printers, they generally use four ink cartridges: Black for black and white printing of documents, etc; and three colour cartridges for when colour printing is needed. The colours are normally: cyan, magenta and yellow. These colours can be added together in the print head to make the required colours, and can even print black, although this is an expensive way of achieving this.

When selecting he ink cartridge, it is imperative to select the required one for the particular printer. Printer manufacturers seem to invent a new cartridge style for each printer, so there are many hundreds of types available.

Computer computer ink is very expensive. In fact computer printer ink is more expensive than top end perfumes like Chanel and others.

Printer manufacturers often opt to cut the cost of the printers themselves and recoup their profits from the ink.

When buying printer ink, there is a decision to make as to whether to buy the manufacturers ink, or go to a third party supplier where the ink could be much cheaper. However using a third party supplier can flag up a warning as some printers check whether a manufacturers ink cartridge or another is used.

If third party suppliers of printer ink are used, then it is wise to do some homework to find out whether the source is reliable or not.

The alternative is to use the printer manufacturer ink and be assured of the performance.

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