RSGB Convention

RSGB Convention

Electronics Events, Exhibitions and Trade Shows

09 Oct - 10 Oct 2020
Kents Hill Conference Centre, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BZ, UK

In view of the issues with Coronavirus / COVID-19, this years even will be in the form of an online convention with lectures and other topics available online.

The exact details and details are being made available.

The RSGB Convention has been running for many years in a variety of forms. It aims to provide top notch talks and lectures combined with an opportunity to talk with other radio amateurs face to face as well as seeing some of the latest equipment traders in the exhibition have to offer.

The RSGB convention lectures feature talks on a variety of topics:

  • Expeditions - normally there are talks given by some of the major Expeditions that have been undertaken in the year.
  • Technology - everything from software defined radios to microwave power amplifiers, general circuit design and very much more
  • Radio propagation - this is always a hot topic as it affects anyone who uses the radio spectrum. Many research topics are normally included, making the convention a leading event for radio propagation research.
  • Licensing matters
  • Radio history - everything from old radio technology to Morse keys and very much more
  • Operating - topics may include operating on the LF bands, operating on the HF bands, microwaves, etc . .

It is always worth checking out the lecture schedule for the particular RSGB convention being attended. There is sure to be something of interest.

In addition to all of this, there is normally a formal dinner on one evening of the convention. Accommodation is normally available, but book early to avoid disappointment.

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Watch the video: RSGB 2018 Convention lecture - VHF Baluns: Fact and Fancy (January 2022).